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Entertaining and Elevating with Cannabis (EEWC) is the love story of sophisticated dining and cannabis created by Precious Brown and Brandi Hester. This hospitality and lodging business commits to intentional spaces that center culture and conversations through sophisticated infused cannabis experiences. Recognizing the damaging impact cannabis has had on black and brown communities, it is vital to create a community that transforms stigmatism, rectifies community harm, and empowers meaningful initiatives that support change.


EEWC’s goal is to serve as a premium hospitality Bud and Breakfast in the state of New York through unique lodging experiences. Our approach inspires, empowers, and normalizes cannabis consumption. We advocate and educate our community that cannabis is an avenue to generational wealth.


Creating Sophisticated Cannabis  Experiences 


Over 20 years of Management Skills 

Over 10 years of experience in Infused Dining 

Over 7 years in THC/CBD community advocacy reform

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Meet Precious - Cannabis Maven

My first love was cooking. At a young age, I recall how food brought families together. Gayla Brown, my aunt, taught me the power of herbal seasoning. She taught me how to use herbs, fresh ground powders, salts, oils, stocks, and butter to infuse food. Gayla taught me that food brings people home to celebrate love and familiarity. African American flavors are savory, bold, and connected. Our history in America is rooted in the spoon being able to use food to entertain and reflect. 

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Meet Brandi - Cannabis Education Advocate 


I live with a chronic autoimmune disorder that leaves me in debilitating pain and discomfort, impacting my quality of life.  Frustrated with the approach of traditional medicine, I began looking for natural remedies to support pain management and inflammation. Growing up around weed, I would occasionally socially consume; however, I stayed away because of my family’s negative stigmatisms around weed and generational addiction. As a result of living in a decriminalized state where both recreational and medical consumption was legal, I released the negative association and began to normalize my pain management regime.

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